Backpacking in Thailand – Doing What the Locals Do

My one piece of advice for backpackers or travelers on a budget in Thailand is to go do what the locals do. Not everything they do of course! But to go do stuff like get up early and go eat the local foods, see the early morning Thai cafe lifestyle, and little adventures like that.Believe me, you miss half of it if you’re out all night partying on like there’s no tomorrow. Undoubtedly there’s time for celebrations (such as when your football team wins) but if you party too much, you miss the early morning happenings. And life in Thailand truly starts nice and early, so you don’t want to miss that.As an example, if you were a local, you’d be in bed pretty early, and you’d be up early too. It’s that crisp 6-8am time when a lot of backpackers are still dreaming that Thailand comes alive. The coffee shops are packed with Thai delicacies and sweet tea being served, and it’s a site to behold.Another thing you can do (as a Thai local might) is go a check out the local sports center or gymnasium. You might be amazed at what sort of sports are going off in there. Fresh mornings and late afternoons will give you a real taste of what sports mad Thailand is all about!You can also hire a motorcycle and explore the local surrounds. Get out and see what makes Thailand tick. Meet people and make conversation. You don’t need to hit the tourist-areas hard either. Just go where the locals go. After all, when you come to Thailand for adventure, you should find out what the real Thailand is all about!