Have You Tried Backpacking in New Zealand?

Have you tried backpacking before? It is truly an experience. This is a must-try while we are still young. My favourite part is that you get to meet interesting people from all over the world in your dorm room!Okay, I haven’t been to as many backpacking trips. But New Zealand is definitely backpackers-friendly. I am comparing this with Singapore. Guess I can’t imagine lugging a heavy backpack in Singapore subway trains.Five reasons why New Zealand is backpacker-friendly:1) The temperature is generally cooling. Carrying a heavy backpack and walking around the hot and humid tropic can be tiring, and dehydrating.2) Trains and buses are not jam-packed. There is definitely room for a huge backpack.3) It is easy to manoeuvre around with a bulky bag. The walkways are wide enough and doors are big enough. Trust me, some of the walkways in Singapore can be quite narrow.4) There are heaps of affordable backpacker accommodation conveniently located in the heart of town (about NZD $24 for a 4-bed female dorm).5) You don’t spend much time waiting in queues (standing with your heavy bag). Anywhere with more than 5 people ahead of you in line is quite rare.Everywhere in New Zealand is backpack-able. But some of the places can be a tad bit more challenging than others. Mainly, it is the travelling to and fro airport, bus/train station.Three locations that can be a little tricky for backpackers:1) Auckland International Airport to and from Auckland Domestic Airport. I remember having to carry my luggage off and on the bus, and walking from one terminal to the next. Heaps of thanks to the friendly Kiwis who helped me!2) Travelling from Wellington bus station to and from downtown accommodation. There isn’t any other option other than walking. By the way, Wellington is undulating. Going against gravity with heavy backpack is not funny.3) Transiting between bus, train and cruise. It is logical that these places are some distance apart by foot. The most memorable one was moving from Picton train station to port, and then from Wellington port to bus station, also include back and forth accommodation.Well, I guess I am done with heavy backpacks for a while since I have occasional shoulder and back aches these days. Will probably do the backpacker style on a wheeled luggage next time.Looking back, I had enjoyed every backpacking trip in New Zealand and Australia. I definitely don’t mind doing backpacking again, but will probably go for a more comfortable travel style in the future.