Backpacking in Thailand – Doing What the Locals Do

My one piece of advice for backpackers or travelers on a budget in Thailand is to go do what the locals do. Not everything they do of course! But to go do stuff like get up early and go eat the local foods, see the early morning Thai cafe lifestyle, and little adventures like that.Believe me, you miss half of it if you’re out all night partying on like there’s no tomorrow. Undoubtedly there’s time for celebrations (such as when your football team wins) but if you party too much, you miss the early morning happenings. And life in Thailand truly starts nice and early, so you don’t want to miss that.As an example, if you were a local, you’d be in bed pretty early, and you’d be up early too. It’s that crisp 6-8am time when a lot of backpackers are still dreaming that Thailand comes alive. The coffee shops are packed with Thai delicacies and sweet tea being served, and it’s a site to behold.Another thing you can do (as a Thai local might) is go a check out the local sports center or gymnasium. You might be amazed at what sort of sports are going off in there. Fresh mornings and late afternoons will give you a real taste of what sports mad Thailand is all about!You can also hire a motorcycle and explore the local surrounds. Get out and see what makes Thailand tick. Meet people and make conversation. You don’t need to hit the tourist-areas hard either. Just go where the locals go. After all, when you come to Thailand for adventure, you should find out what the real Thailand is all about!

Four Reasons Why People Go Backpacking in Europe

One of the most fun and most memorable traveling experiences is backpacking in Europe. Europe is just one of the perfect places to go backpacking. The backpacking traveler can definitely find a lot of options available in Europe that are not available in other continents. This is why, there is a significant fraction of the tourists and visitors that travel to Europe are composed of backpackers of all ages. Backpackers from all over the world troop to Europe and travel around the continent for months at a time. Why? Here’s why:Cheap transportation – one of the main features of backpacking is the fact that it is one of traveling styles that offers the best value. You can be able to visit a lot of places in Europe by backpacking without spending a lot of money. This is why most backpackers that troop to Europe are composed of students and young professionals. With backpacking, they can be able to go to more places and make a lot of traveling memories and experiences without having to spend a lot of money. One of the main reasons why backpacking is a cheap way to tour Europe is the fact that Europe is interconnected by trains and buses. This means you do not have to spend a lot of money in airfare to move around (e.g. a one-way trip from London to Paris via Eurostar Trains is as low as £39).Cheap lodging – aside from cheap transportation, backpackers are also able to stay in many budget and backpacking hotels. These kinds of cheap hotels can be found all over Europe. You can be able to find good lodging that is both comfortable and affordable in most major cities around Europe. Aside from this, you can also join a backpacking forum or lodging website. This is a place wherein backpackers from all over the world offer guest rooms to other backpackers for free or for a small price. If you are in Paris, you can check out the Plug-Inn Hostel (for $34 USD per night). I’d also recommend City Backpackers when you’re in Stockholm as it also costs $34 USD per night.Safe environment – because most of the countries in Europe are well developed, you can expect a good police system that ensures everyone is safe. In fact backpackers can sleep in train stations to await their next train without worrying about getting mugged. This is one of the main appeal of backpacking in Europe.Tourist spots – if you go backpacking in Europe, you will definitely be able to visit a lot of awesome tourist spots all over the continent. Think of the places you get to visit. Paris, London, Rome and other European cities — the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Buckingham Palace, Trevi Fountain and many more —how awesome is that?

Backpacking Travel Insurance Advice

Are you going traveling around the world? With so many companies and policies to choose from when you are looking to purchase your backpacker travel insurance, make sure you get the correct advice before you buy.Statistically the report reveals that it is not just students that take a break and live their dream seeing faraway destinations. Its not just people on their gap year who are traveling the world, now many people of all ages and backgrounds are taking the opportunity to go travel. Certainly hundred of thousands are off every year.One practical outline of advice may help you select suitable insurance. Saving money on your insurance might seem a good way to have more money when you are away, but having good cover will rest your mind when you are on your trip if anything were to happen. Following are some considerable factors that provide guidance for you to start: Understanding the need of Backpackers Travel InsuranceInsurance is a necessity and often knotty to understand. It can be risky traveling the world which highlights the need of having the correct insurance. You want your holiday to be stress free, you can help start this with knowing you have great cover. You can get this peace of mind with Backpacking Insurance.Target DestinationsA better approach is to know your target destination or destinations if there is more than one. It gets easier to design your particular policies according to it. In case the targets are unknown, make sure the Backpacker Travel Insurance you chose covers your trip to every possible destinations, or upgrades to response as soon as they receive a call from you so that you don’t have to get depressed about the place you are landing in.Things to take along with youPolicies are typically offered with a choice of baggage and money cover. This is a personal choice based on what you will be taking with you. Backpacking insurance policies are written to make sure any loss is a true accident from which you had no control. Leaving all your cash next to your towel on a beach is likely to be turned down flat.ExclusionsThe most awful part is when you don’t get everything you are told, and you have paid for. It is very rare to find a Backpacker Travel Insurance policy that doesn’t include the exclusions. The most important advice I can give is to read them and make sure the cover important to you is not excluded.After all the highlighted points that are mentioned above, the general and most important advice is to read, read again, compare it and understand the policy before you buy it.And yes! Have a great journey and an unforgettable trip!!